what you need to know?

Money: Euro and us.dollar works fine. Nuweiba (our nearest city about 7 min. with taxi) has cash-machine There is also a cash-machine at Taba border and Sharm El Sheik airport.

Visa: You dont need visa to Sinai if you are staying maximum 2 weeks. If you want to stay longer or make a visit to Cairo or other destinations in Egypt you can buy visa at the airport in Sharm. You must have 30 US dollar. Or it may be included in your ticket.

Sleeping: In the rooms there are beds inkluding blankets linen and mosquitonett, please bring your own towels. If you plan on making a mountain-safari (something we really recommend) you need to bring a sleepingbag.

Swimming: Bring your own mask and snorkel. Fins are fun! The salinity in the water makes you float easy. We highly recommend that you use bathing shoes since it is a coral-area. You can buy them here or bring your own.

Travel farmacy: If you have a sensitive stomach bring Idoform or likewise. We have mosquitoes in seasons so mosquito remedy is a good choice. AloeVera-gel is genious if you catch a sunburn, plaster and disinfecting liquid is always good to have at hand.

Electricity: We have electricity 24 hours...also in the rooms

Transport from airport in Sharm el Sheik to Sahara (2 hours):

We can pick you up at the airport and bring you back


Reservation at

Sahara Beach, Ras Sheitan, Nuweiba, South Sinai, Egypt

Sahara Beach tlf. (002) 01005073652

(002) 01225838470